Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Gresik mulai Tahun Anggaran 2017, melakukan banyak terobosan diantaranya : 1. Menetapkan Komitmen Kinerja yang dikenal dengan : TRI AS CERDAS, yang artinya Seluruh Pegawai Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Gresik berkomitmen untuk : bekeja CerdAS, Tingkatkan kualitAS dan […]

Olimpiade Sains Kabupaten (OSK) Jenjang SMP/MTs Tahun 2017

Pelaksanaan Olimpiade Sains Kabupaten (OSK) Jenjang SMP/MTs Tahun 2017 Untuk Informasi dan dan Nama Peserta dapat di download pada link di bawah ini : Surat Edaran OSK 2017 SMP Peserta OSK SMP-MTs 2017   admin Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Gresik



Dapodik 2016

Undangan Dapodikdasmen 2016/2017

Berikut kami sampaikan Undangan Pendataan Dapodikdasmen yang akan dilaksanakan secara bertahap mulai tanggal 9 s.d. 12 Agustus 2016. Informasi lebih jelas, silahkan download link berikut : Undangan Dapodik SD Darat Undangan Dapodik SD Bawean Undangan Dapodik SMP_SLB Darat Undangan Dapodik […]

Undangan Workshop TIK SMP/MTs (20-21 April 2016)

Silahkan download link berikut : Undangan Workshop TIK SMP-MTs 2016 (Website)


Pengumuman Hasil Seleksi OSN Tingkat Kabupaten Gresik Tahun 2017

Hasil Seleksi OSN bisa Didownload pada link di bawah ini :

  1. Pengumuman Pra OSK Kab.Gresik 2017
  2. Calon Peserta OSK SD-MI-IPA-2017
  3. Calon Peserta OSk SD-MI-MTK-2017
  4. Calon Peserta OSK SMP-MTs-MTK-2017
  5. Calon Peserta OSK-SMP-MTs-IPA-2017
  6. Calon Peserta OSK-SMP-MTs-IPS-2017
  7. Nilai Pra OSK 10 Besar Pembinaan-SD-2017
  8. Nilai Pra OSK 10 Besar Pembinaan-SMP-2017
  9. Nilai Pra OSK IPA SMP 2017 Nilai Pra OSK IPA-SD-2017
  10. Nilai Pra OSK IPS-SMP-2017 Nilai Pra OSK MTK SMP 2017
  11. Nilai Pra OSK MTK-SD-2017

Hormat Kami

Panitia Seleksi OSN Tingkat Kabupaten Gresik

Tahun 2017


WhatsApp Image 2017-02-06 at 09.07.40

Upacara Pembukaan Oleh Kepala Bidang Pendidikan Dasar Ibu NUR MASLICHAH, S.Pd., M.M


WhatsApp Image 2017-02-06 at 09.07.37 (1)

Dihadiri Oleh Kepala UPT Pendidikan  Se-Kabupaten Gresik

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-06 at 09.07.35

Para Peserta Seleksi OSN Tahun 2017

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-06 at 09.07.35 (1)





Pembukaan Ditandai Dengan Pelepasan Balon Oleh Kepala Bidang Pendidikan Dasar

Pembukaan Ditandai Dengan Pelepasan Balon Oleh Kepala Bidang Pendidikan Dasar

Peserta OSN Mengikuti Tes Tulis

Peserta OSN Mengikuti Tes Tulis


Where to find liberate inexhaustible play station network codes correct now

Lizard Squad normally takes credit history for PlayStation Networkand#39s momentary outage Sony ‘s PlayStation Network is down immediately after a early moing of spotty connectivity, and the hacker team Lizard Squad has evidently taken responsibility for its drop. Sony’s PSN status webpage documented the collapse of the assistance on Friday early moing.

At to start with, only a several features went offline, which includes significantly of the system’s on the web matchmaking abilities, adopted by the media companies, and finally every little thing else. Some providers have demonstrated symptoms of life, but connectivity is nevertheless sparse for many buyers.

We are knowledgeable that some buyers are acquiring connectivity problems with PSN this moing. Thanks for your persistence as we look into. Lizard Squad, the notorious hacking team that has claimed obligation for distributed denial-of-provider (DDoS) assaults on different match expert services. appears to be to be having credit for mode downtime as perfectly.

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The main Lizard Squad Twitter account implicated alone in the attack, retweeting a information from an account boasting to signify the founder of group that reported basically, PSN #OFFLINE #CHIPPY #LIZARDSQUAD. Of study course, given the hacking group’s track record and motivations-Chaos is amusement -it is really unclear how seriously the promises on Twitter need to be taken. PlayStation avid gamers are now all way too familiar with Lizard Squad. The group released a DDoS attack towards Sony’s gaming community on Christmas Day 2014, bringing PSN down wholly after using down Microsoft ‘s Xbox Are living a couple of days previously.

Precisely what are free Playstation Store Codes?

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It took quite a few times for Sony to restore its services, and troubles persisted lengthy just after the attacks allegedly ceased. At 12pm ET, PlayStation’s Network Service Position webpage reported all providers had been back up and operating.

Exactly what free Playstation Store Codes?

Photo via Honou /Flickr (CC BY 2. )PlayStation Network recovering soon after outage swiftly provide unending a totally free playstation network codes solitary working free psn codes list september 2012 lea how to totally play station network codes along with cards second with the powerful Sony’s PlayStation Network is stabilizing just after a suspected assault introduced it down on Xmas Day and saved it unavailable for most of Friday. The company introduced early on Saturday U. S.

Easte Time via its Talk to PlayStation Twitter account that its PS4, PS3 and Vita network solutions had been step by step coming back again on-line and by late early moing the PlayStation U. S. guidance website confirmed the PlayStation Community standing as on line.

Hacker team Lizard Squad claimed accountability for the outages that strike PlayStation Community and Xbox Are living on Christmas Working day, saying it had introduced thriving dispersed denial of support (DDoS) assaults against the Sony and Microsoft on line gaming platforms. Nevertheless, on Friday the team reported by means of its Twitter account that it had stopped the DDoS assaults and tued its interest to Tor, a company that lets people surf the web, submit material on the inteet and interact in Inteet communications anonymously. To make clear, we are no for a longer period attacking PSN or Xbox. We are testing our new Tor 0day, Lizard Squad tweeted. Tor later on put out a statement confirming its provider was less than hearth, and explained the motion as a Sybil assault.

The attackers have signed up several new relays in hopes of getting a large portion of the community. But even nevertheless they are functioning hundreds of new relays, their relays now make up a lot less than 1% of the Tor network by capability, Tor’s assertion reads. Tor claimed it was working to eliminate the relays from its network, and that it failed to expect any anonymity or general performance consequences on its provider.

Meanwhile, Microsoft acknowledged on Friday that Xbox Stay endured disruptions on Xmas Working day but said it had restored the gaming platform’s main providers. Even so, the Xbox Stay status website page showed at midday Saturday that the assistance was constrained and stated numerous apps that have been malfunctioning. Neither Microsoft nor Sony have yet presented official particulars on what caused their respective on the inteet gaming networks to malfunction. The Everyday Dot revealed an job interview with some of the folks behind Lizard Squad, the team that claimed they had taken down the gaming on the web providers.

Seleksi OSN Tahun 2017 Kab. Gresik

Edaran OSN SD-SMP 2017 Revisi

Seleksi OSN Tahun 2017 tingkat Kabupaten Gresik

Surat Edaran Bisa di download di bawah ini

Edaran OSN SD-SMP 2017 Revisi


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Admin Data dan Informasi

Resume Services Three Best Ways To Sell More Resumestime Company

When Reading, Always Do Something ResumesTime Service

Posting a continue for your special conceivable Calgary primarily structured occupation is just not very difficult. You should in spite of this need to make a distinction yours via the wrap up solely through getting a far greater job application. These some suggestions for improved go back to making will assist you feature prominently.

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Following that, consider it a step even more. Selectively price your responses, supplying the top rankings to such that stand for your very best, ace-in-the-space experience–the people you prefer to be Sure business employers don’t lose.

If you need you can get yourself pro the aid of the return to publishing specialists from the web. They will also assist you to publish a notice. The original miscalculation you normally need to stop is copying the most popular pay for characters that can be available on the internet.

Definitely find out the area you are getting and tie in with it to all your job application. Use for instance anyone seeking handling situation and curriculum vitae claims that the purpose is to try to convey brilliant customer care on to a supplier. The 2 main do not really match.

A subsequent two pieces are specifically where you provde the advice which can showcase corporations just what to do. From the summation build a bullet variety of expertise that tie in with the skills your possibilities supervisor is hunting for. Scan the occupation listings and put on paper exactly what you can to glean important info. At any time your qualities fit the profession specifications use exactly the same phrases with your summation. Retain the checklist concise, regarding a dozens phrases.

Resumes conform to without doubt one of several normal formats. To ensure they all surface alike. Consequently, there is no go back to which may be improved, best, or most outstanding scouring the web. Your job application will undoubtedly be wonderful more than enough if you select a set up and start filling it together with successes through the give and recent projects.

The upfront paragraph which is the release is a vital paragraph and this is basically the part that your using authorities usually browse through. The release need to have a brief report on the triumphs and skills which display on the down the line portion of your return to. Set up a letter for the best interview cell phone calls.

Undangan UPTD

Silahkan download link berikut : surat-undangan-rakor

Olimpiade/Lomba/Festival Tahun 2017


Seminar Nasional Gerakan Literasi Sekolah

img031Silahkan download link berikut : surat-edaran

Pameran Buku


Silahkan download link berikut : surat-pemberitahuan-pemeran-buku

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